01 May 2010

This is what happens... when your bored..on a Saturday After Noon..

I remembered back in my childhood, we used to make believe, come up with the most zaniest shit.My friends and I when we were kids used to go around the house and try to find anything that we could use to build what we were going to make believe that day.Sheets ,chairs,broom sticks,pots and pans practically anything.

pics via designaside

We always  tried to make Submarines,airplanes,buses,race cars,spaceships,castles.It didn't seem practical enough to do ,but we were hell of a good set of imagine-rs<--spell check!? or am I making up my own words again??
Now looking back at what we did we laugh.Now were older, to some of us they think it was DUMB & Foolish.But I differ, if it was not for those times of make believe I think I wouldn't be the person I am today.I am person who now loves to CREATE and Design.
I still believe that no matter how old you may be ,you still should have and use  the gift to Imagine.

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