12 May 2010

Nails Did! Well not quite.
Truthfully I hardly have the time any more or even the "want" to get them done.
I had the strangest encounter with a mall vendor today.He claimed he was selling the answers to all my nail problems.
I really don't have any, they grow they break ,I paint them with nail polish ,it chips off ....Then they break Again.Its a cycle, I have gotten use to it very well.It use to be such a heartache to see my long nails that I have grown for weeks break..but now I hardly even care.What he was trying to sell was an emery board that supposedly polishes away the dead cells from the nail and makes your nail super shiny. I asked the price...He said $85...I then walked away....He yelled back "I have no  respect"!
My mind was set on a more important matter .I WAS HUNGRY !I cant believe the nerves of him.Maybe he was expecting a goodbye.Its funny thinking about it now.



that has to be the coolest design on nails that i've ever seen!

Chrissy E said...

yes their so unique!

thebullkid said...

lol they like to claw after ppl in the mall. its so annoying!

Shukura said...

lmao i cant believe that her said that after u walked away

imean i wudda done the same thing
thats a ridiculous price

and i not even a nail pertson but your nails look amazing here talk me fru how u did it please imcurious..inever seen anything like it

shukura xxx

Chrissy E said...

hehe u know shukura !ridiculous expensive! ppl these days;p

Oh! I wish these nails were mine!I have no idea how they were done.But there hot right!when i find out , i will be sure to let you know;)