20 May 2010

I discovered Looklet not too long ago.....And I have to admit.this shit is Addicting!I really did think that it was a online site aimed for little 11-17 yr old wannabe fashionistas "which it is", so I had no interest at first.But Styling Paper models in clothing that are fresh, new , and that gives you a want to have those items in your in your closet.Is THRILLING ! And may I add it is also a  great shopping list Source.


Shukura said...

hola coco lol

your a follower of my blog thnaku so much im flattered hopefully i can continue to post things of interst to u

xxx shukura

i love the styling in the last pic esp the tights

Shukura Li said...

hiya i have replied back to your message xxshukura

Jessica said...

awesome photos, your log is great :)

Chrissy E said...

why thankyou Jessica

Awesome Profile Pic!

Shukura Li said...

when u gonna re post chica its been a while


Chrissy E said...

Soon my dear,hopefully;(.Ive been so busy"forever" just working.And I feel like my creative flow has been stifled!
But I will make it a mission to at least post something soon.I promise;)

Kasia W. said...

great outfits!;)