09 April 2010

It has been forever.And I wish I had much to tell but I dont
  • Weird Workers
  • Asshole Bosses
  • And Working like a wired chipped robot 

These things can sometimes effect an individual into becoming BLAH

As I claim that I am a free bird , I had to snip from my restraints,to continue  to be the creative individual that I am.
I came to realization that under no circumstances ,will I confirm myself to complete mindless zombism.
Lets face it I'm a person who always wants to express their creative skills.And were I was ,IT JUST WASN'T HAPPENING!

Overall I'm proud of myself for sticking halfway through.I tried my best and that's all that matters.

Oh!And this blouse that you peeped was a vintage score from a garage sale.Its has every color that I love.Which Is why its my new favorite top. The explanation for  the half cropped shot..? Well Unfortunately this was taken when i only got 2 hrs of sleep one day and my eyes refused to stay open.

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