03 March 2010

 I'm still at work with my creatives and trying to stay warm as ever. This frigid weather is worse than I expected it to be.And I loved the winter weather.See what I said"loved" ,I used to love it but not any more.
I cant wait for the official entrance of spring.

 You may be unaware that I have a current obsession with anything James Bond ,well the old classic ones.
Although my friends blatantly tell me all the time ,that he was just a typical 
old crooner that slept  with as much pretty dame  tail as possible.I still couldn't care less ,the man's style was impeccable and he kicked SPECTRE ass while looking just as good.
If I saw a  young man that dressed like that from a day to day basis he would be devoured!

                  I wish there were better pictures to reveal the truth                                    




Oh!and I could not  forget this . I want to say a big Hello to the new Readers!Thank you  for taking interest in my blog.


Taryn Andre said...

i think everyones growing sick of the cold weather! ugh

Chrissy E said...

I know ,soon my friend soon it will be gone!!