11 March 2010

 I could not forget to come and at least chirp a few words.

Life has been beautiful, hectic and taking  major  chances  did I say hectic already?

But it all came down to a positive outcome.

Today I bring the attention to 
 SuperMarket Sarah ,a website where its an online click-able stall full of vintage goods and etc.
          Really check it out! Supermarket Sarah has collaborated with design pattern geniuses   Patternity .Their one of a kind kaleidoscopic patterns are insane.

       Check out this Tour De Force Totem headpiece made by Patternity
               And of course some mind-boggling artwork
             And some graphic tights "i WANT them like Now"!


   For More Funky Geometrical Prints Galore.,purses,ties,dress,tops, home deco etc      Click it... you know you want to >>>>SuperMarket Sarah<<<<


Anonymous said...

not if i get those banging tights first!!

Taryn Andre said...

oh my, the wedges and tights are a must have! sick!