07 February 2010

You Know It

I'm here,Your here,to create endless possibilities
Sure there can be role-models that influence you to become what you want to be.Yes because they made it.And they seem" oh so cool" to you.They Inspire "You"/"Me"

But why just settle to be what they are.Why don't you/me aim for even Greater.
You/me need not to create  any Borders around yourself.Your free .Just as your/my  role-models have two legs that can walk ,a heart that beats ,a mouth that can talk,eyes that can see ,hands that can create, and a mind...A Mind that can think of endless ideas .So do you/me have those also, they may look different but are capable of doing the same functions and even GREATER.

You/Me are also our own source of inspiration.


MRS.O said...

Yes good post ..
Upgrade always..!
Think big..
when people think small they won't get big in any way..

♥Chrissy E♥ said...

Your on the same thought train Mrs.O! Welcome Aboard (;

Taryn Andre said...

glad youre following me dear because i reallly like your blog! gotta add you to my blog list ...im going to be a frequent reader