19 February 2010

Wish It Could Be

             But Sometimes,Its just not that Easy!

On a Lighter Note.
I finally surpassed my heavy bearing deadline that I had to meet.
As the Usual I always over react and try to make everything at least perfect.
In the end I realized that It wasn't a big deal after all.
To bring me back to normal consciousness my friend had to slap the shit out of me to stay calm.
Wow if I could tell all.But just putting it simple I AM SO DAMN GLAD ITS OVER!!!Now...To wait for the outcome.Yes please,I beg you to  pray ,for the situation I am in ,that I have yet slightly given any detail about.;x

Today yet another Idea has came to mind,this time I think I am  going to actually do it.
Some of the Formula items for this idea came from 



 You Know She Kicked Ass Back then


=??????? We'll see when it works out.


Taryn Andre said...

i know what its like to obsess over something until its perfect...im an artist and artist tend to do that lol

deadlines are a bitch, but an important bitch

Chrissy E said...

Yes they can be important bitches lol
Fellow Artist as well
We like perfection till it chokes us!lol