26 February 2010

.:.Shoe Game.:.

Seriously , Like what Excuse do I have this time for not updating............

Nothing!No to honestly tell the truth I have been busy.Working on the previous project idea I  mentioned in  an earlier post and ........I landed a job.
It is a bit out of my element.But the pay sounds great ,I just need something to be  occupied with, before this fall.Like I said before I will be moving,but I obviously need some cash to even make the first step.

Now I'm finished with the boring issues.

As you know I like anyone or anything that is Original...Does that still exist anymore??

But anyways

Designer Chau Har Lee
Amazing footwork..Literally!
Now...I'm going to be honest I'm not really sure that I  would be able to wear these.But they would be one hell of a nice brag item in my closet.
Enjoy the view...


More of the designer's creations here                          discovered via Dazed Digital


Girl In A Thunderbolt said...

Wow! I wouldn't confine those shoes to my wardrobe. I'd hang them on the wall in a pool of light and charge people entry!

Congrats on your new job too! ;)

Chrissy E said...

Very Bright Idea !Girl In A Thunderbolt
You know that could maybe be a wonderful new business venture for you.

Thanks darling ,wish me luck;)