04 February 2010

Never Really Could Admit

American Perez Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

Theme:Miami Heat

I must say the shapes and  pastel colors are what caught my eye. That is basically how I stay on the prowl for  clothing.I am not an expert in catching whats new and whats not.If I love what I see and become over  intrigued.Then that ,my friend,will become my true trend to watch.

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Niecey Small said...

heyy i realli love this look
4 some reason the shoes stand out 2 me tho most.
other then that it shows THAT SPRING IS DEFF COMING
i like your blog alott=]


♥Chrissy E♥ said...

the shoes r spectacular arent they?;)
Its simple in a decent "can match with everything way.
thx for checking the blog

Keisha Robinson said...

i really like the look, the dress is amazing, i love the colors that r used, they r very diffrent, so r the shapes, love the post! www.hotfashionx.blogspot.com