08 January 2010

Fridays are for Slackers

Second Friday of the New Year and I am already overwhelmed with tasks and errands.But surprisingly I could still search and discover .
Art Work by David Bray Yes I do love him.I love everything about his illustrations.Their just so out of the ordinary.

See more of him at http://www.pvuk.com/artist/david_bray-biography28_11.html pics via ://www.pvuk.com/artist/david_bray

Artwork by Tim Lee
Details & Expression

more artwork of Time lee http://www.pvuk.com/artist/tim_lee images via http://www.pvuk.com/artist/tim_lee

Lastly I'm imputing my to do list ,No matter how much I write things down on paper to remember or do.They get thrown away,lost,used ,or recycled.

#1.Finish my first artwork project
#2 Change education locations*
#3Prepare for my big move
#4 Get rid of some of my garbage to get ready for the big move
#5 Cancel nail appointment for Monday *pointless*
#6Fix my car
#7Finish another project that I started a long time ago and sell it
#8 I guess It totally all on me if I don't complete these things and that means I am really bad at prioritizing .I might need an evaluation
Well See...

Im out


ThinkGoHard said...

Friday's are my most productive days usually for some reason. but thats some dope artwork you got up there fam. Love the blog keep it up. :)

Aileen Awesome said...

Oh those illustrations are amazing. Time to google him. Thanks!