01 December 2009

Forgive Me Note

Dear Blog
Forgive Me, I have neglected you ,I was stubborn to believe that you still existed.
These past weeks have been a roller coaster and one that wasn't fun.It was one of those types of rides that you thought you could wing it when you rode it .And it would be one big whoosh!Cheerful wees"if that's how its spelt" and you let your hands hang to give the wind a high five.And bam the ride is over.You did the unthinkable.
But this one ,this one was like a terrible ride of death.Well not literally ,I'm over exaggerating.Actually I'm talking nonsense as usual.But hey I survived,I just want to say that I came to a realization that I cant let things get to me no matter what.Whether it be the friends I have or even the crazy random situations that always seem to happen.I just have to keep on doing what I do best and that's being Me.Live and Pursue what I always wanted to do, Create and Design.
Sadly I have missed some of my deadlines ,but they will always be there.I come to realization that I was over pushing my self ,almost to the point where I didn't know who the hell I was anymore . But enough was enough.
Overall after my breakthrough of my zombie state I was in,I did happen to have the time to pause and notice some of the beautiful things that existed around me.Tamed the ferocious beast that was growing above my eyes"Battle Won"Finally!
And made up with my X-boots.

Good Morning...Sunshine

rooftop view

My Semi-Freshly Plucked Brows "I would say they are..Alright Excuse the old lady hag eyelids .Nearly was into half the day and still sleep couldnt leave my face

The BLuR
Me..Posing for a Supposed picture taken around dusk" "FAIL"lol

the bluR

The -X's .They let me down once.First set eyes on them 5 months ago.Were together for 3.Broke it off at the beginning of 4 months.Had a horrible run with these.But you say. "How the hell could you have a mishap with these flat shoes ,these are not even heeled ones,only a klutz would do that"Your right I am..at times.
I said We were over.We never walked with each other again.And I swore I would never were them .But for some reason We rekindled.Hope We can make this time last.


My View before Lady Night sets in..

Calling Out...

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