07 June 2010


Lately there has been nothing Great going on .Just Work ...More Work... and oh !Work...did I say the word Work Enough?

But indeed I know that good things shall come out of this,I work to feed/pay for  my creative needs.
Thank Goodness for this Summer.Because I am ready to release the Summer Wild Cat in Me!


Will be Back Soon

20 May 2010

I discovered Looklet not too long ago.....And I have to admit.this shit is Addicting!I really did think that it was a online site aimed for little 11-17 yr old wannabe fashionistas "which it is", so I had no interest at first.But Styling Paper models in clothing that are fresh, new , and that gives you a want to have those items in your in your closet.Is THRILLING ! And may I add it is also a  great shopping list Source.

19 May 2010

Pattern Loose Tee By David David 
Absolute paint slash sexiness indeed "I WANT"!